I will let you speculate who “the wino” is, but he and I know that this weekend looks really great! Why? Glad you asked….it is more than the forecast of partly cloudy, 86, and WNW of 8 for Saturday. Saturday is also the start of the FALL SERIES! And on top of that, we are having our wine and cheese party at State Park Pavillion afterwards!
Come one and all to State Park for this party- we have 7 C’s winery coming to do an educational tasting, and the club will pick up that cost and cheese to go with. We will fire up the charcoal grill and you are encouraged to bring your grillables and such for a fun evening together. Assemble there after the race anytime, and 7 C’s will begin around 6.
Then next Saturday is the rescheduled Admiral’s Cup– the lady’s race- and that promises to be a great time! I have heard of many Admirals that are interested in this and we encourage all member boats- social, cruising and racing members alike to place the better of us at the helm and get out there.
There is a lot on the calendar- be sure to check it out on this site- but I would like to give you an update on Governor’s Cup:
The 43rd annual Governor’s Cup Regatta, the largest sailboat race in Missouri, is going to be the best one in a while! Why?
It is sponsored by Lake Stockton Boat Works.
Star Malouff will be running the races again.
The dinner and dance will be at the brand- spanking new, fancy- schmancy, state of the art new Venue at Stockton Lake, located at the Cabins of Stockton Lake!
The food will be catered by Orleans Trail.
We will have a raffle to raise $ for a Committee boat and the Boy Scouts will be clearing tables again.
Bring your friends and family!  Tickets and NOR will be available soon.
Over and out from Wichita,
B-arr-y Nelson, your Scouting Commodore
(Last weekend we taught 30 Boy Scouts how to sail. It was awesome. They each rode on at least 3 different boats with 3 different instructors. It worked. This club can, and did, do this.)
(I need raffle items. Please put real thought into this and hook the club up)
(Admiral’s cup will be SO COOL)