Annual Spring Fling Regatta

June 11-13, 2021

The Lake Stockton Yacht Club (LSYC) is pleased to invite you to the Annual Spring Fling Regatta.

This event offers sailors a fantastic opportunity to experience one of the premier inland sailing venues in the Midwest. The regatta includes great meals, cold refreshments, and exciting racing.

PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE and purchase meal tickets there also. 3 tickets included with registration.

Regatta Headquarters will be at Orleans Trail Marina near the Shark Park parking lot. This is subject to change based on weather.


FRIDAY, June 11 – Onsite Registration at Shark Park Regatta HQ

5:30 pm – 8:00 pm Beer, and Burgers provided

7:00 PM – Skipper’s Meeting @ Shark Park Regatta Headquarters

SATURDAY, June 12 – RACING & Social Event

7:30-8:30 AM- Late Registration (8:30 AM registration cutoff) @ Shark Park

Breakfast Burritos provided with meal ticket

09:55 AM- Approximate time of class flag for first start ( Maximum 5)

6:00 PM- Post -Race Happy Hour – Italian buffet dinner in hotel conference room.


09:55 AM- Approximate time of class flag for first start (Maximum 3); No race

will begin after 2:00 PM

4:00 PM Awards Ceremony – Could start later depending on last race finish time.


RULES: The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2021, the prescriptions of the U.S. Sailing Association, the rules of each class concerned, and any posted amendments. The low point scoring system will be used. Only 1 race to constitute a regatta.

ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY: The regatta is open to all boats of the keel boat and centerboard classes including Spinnaker (PHRF Ratings), Jib and Main (Non-Spinnaker Boats) and J-22 Fleet.

FEES – $ 75.00 for event includes 3 meal tickets. Additional meal tickets available on registration website.

SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: Sailing Instructions will be available at the registration and check-in on June 11 & 12.. Registration cutoff is 8:30 AM on Saturday, June 12

AWARDS: Trophies will be awarded for first, second and third places in Spin 1, jam, and J22 fleet. First and second in the Spin 2 Fleet.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. The organizing authority (LSYC) will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta. All boats entering the regatta and all crew members will be required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability as indicated on the registration form.


Contact Bryan Nichols phone or text at 417-872-7051

Lodging, camping, launching: Orleans Trail Hotel a block of rooms has been set aside. Inform them of event when booking.

Spring Fling 2021

June 11th, 12th & 13th, 2020

Lake Stockton Yacht Club

Race HQ

Shark Park

Orleans Trail Marina


The notation [DP] in a rule in the sailing instructions (SI) means that the penalty for a breach of that rule may, at the discretion of the protest committee, be less than disqualification.

The notation [NP] in a rule in the Sailing Instructions means that breaches in this rule will not be grounds for a protest by a boat.  This changes RRS 60.1 (a).

  1. RULES

1.1.        The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) except any that are altered by these sailing instructions

1.2.          Handicap Rules: A boat that is a member of the handicap class will conform to applicable handicap rules.

1.3        Class Rules: A boat entering a one design class will conform to applicable class rules.

1.4        All Participating boats shall have signed the “Release / Hold Harmless” Agreement                 .            and turn in prior to racing. 

    • Notices to competitors will be posted at RC HQ  [1] 
    • Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted at race HQ and on LSYC facebook before 0830 hours on the day it will take effect, except that any change to the schedule of races will be posted by 2000 hours on the day before it will take effect.    [2] 

4.1.        Class flags and fleet identification  will be as follows

4.1.1.   Spinnaker Fleet 1                Green Class Flag 1st start line

4.1.2.   JAM Fleet                           

Green Class Flag 1st start line

4.1.3.   J-22 Fleet                             

Pink Class Flag  2nd start line

4.1.4.   Spinnaker Fleet  2            

Pink Class Flag 2nd start line



5.1.        Dates of racing:

DateNumber of RacesTime of 1st Warning Signal
6/12/2021Up to 50955 hrs
6/13/2021  Up to 30955 hrs    

5.2.        RC will monitor Channel 72 – this channel is to be used for communication with RC only  prior to  starting sequence. No competitor shall communicate with RC unless in an emergency situation.

5.3.        Subsequent races will begin as soon as practical after the finish of the preceding race.

5.4.        On the last day of the regatta no warning signal will be made after 1400 hours

    • Races will be held on Stockton Lake.  The Races will be held on the main body of water between the dam and 215 bridge or up State Park Arm.[3] 

7.1.        The diagrams in Attachment A show the courses, the order in which marks are to be passed, and the side on which each mark is to be left.

7.2.        If an offset mark is missing, the course will be sailed as if an offset mark is not a mark on the posted course’s diagram.

7.3.        If a gate mark is missing, the remaining mark shall be rounded to port.


8.1.        The Windward Mark will be a yellow cylinder and the leeward gate will be yellow cylinders. 

8.2.        The windward offset mark will be a red tomato.  

8.3.        The starting and finishing mark will be an orange or yellow tetrahedron.     [4] 

    • All boats are required to check prior to their sequence with RC via radio or visually.

10.1.     The starting line will be between the staff displaying a Orange flag on the signal boat and a yellow or orange tetrahedron.     [5] 

10.2.     Boats whose warning signal has not been made shall avoid the starting area during the starting sequence for other races. [DP]

10.3.     A boat starting later than 5 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start without a hearing. This changes rule A4.

10.4.     The race committee may combine two or more Fleets in a starting Group. 

10.5.     The starting order may be changed after the first race.

10.6.     RRS Appendix J2.1 (3) is changed to read “the schedule of races, the Groups to race and the times of the warning signals for each Group.”

10.7.      RRS Appendix J2.1 (6) is changed to read “descriptions of the starting and finishing lines, Group flags and any special signals to be used.”

    1. To change the next leg of the course, the RC will lay a new mark (or move the finish line) and remove the original mark as soon as practicable.  When in a subsequent change the change mark is replaced, it will be replaced by an original mark.
    1. Offset marks will not be set on a changed leg of the course.  This changes RRS 33(c).
    1. The RC may make minor changes to the orientation of the course, approximately 5 degrees or less, without signal a change of course.  This changes RRS 33(a).

14.1.     The finishing line will be between the staff displaying a orange flag on the signal boat and a yellow or orange tetrahedron mark.


15.1.     US Sailing Prescription Appendix V1 will apply.[6] 


16.1.     The time limit will be 2 hours from the boat’s starting signal.

16.2.     Boats failing to finish within 20 minutes after the first boat of her fleet sails the course and finishes will be scored Did Not Finish without a hearing. This changes 35, A4 and A5.


17.1.     Protest forms are available at the race HQ. Protests and requests for redress or reopening shall be delivered there within the appropriate time limit.     [7] 

17.2.     The protest time limit is 60 minutes after the RC boat has docked.     [8] 

17.3.     Notices will be posted no later than 30 minutes after the protest time limit to inform competitors of hearings in which they are parties or named as witnesses. Hearings will be held in the E dock park, located at Race HQ, beginning at the time posted.     [9] 

17.4.     Notices of protests by the race committee, protest committee or technical committee will be posted on the Official Notice Board to inform boats under rule 61.1(b).

17.5.     On the last scheduled day of racing a request for redress based on a protest committee decision shall be delivered no later than 30 minutes after the decision was posted. This changes rule 62.2.


18.1.     One race is required to be completed to constitute a regatta.    [10] 

18.2.     When fewer than 6 races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores.[11] When 6 or more races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score. This modifies rule A2.1.

    1. [12] rior to the warning of the first start of the first race of each day, each boat shall check-in with and be recognized by the signal boat displaying Code Flag L by passing close astern on starboard tack and hailing her sail number. When a boat has been recognized, the signal boat will hail the boat’s sail number.  [DP] [NP]

19.2.     A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race committee as soon as possible. [DP] [NP]


20.1.     Substitution of competitors is not allowed without consent of RC chair, Michele Ray. Boats are required to sail with the same amount of crew each day.

20.2.     Substitution of damaged or lost equipment is allowed.

    • A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the sailing instructions. On the water, a boat can be instructed by a race committee equipment inspector or measurer to proceed immediately to a designated area for inspection.  [DP]  [[13] NP]
    • RC boat will be marked with an orange start line flag.      [14] 

23.1.     Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications or data communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones, tablets, computer, and similar devices. [DP] [NP]

23.2.     The Race Committee will use VHF radio channel 72.

23.3.    The RC may attempt to report visual signals displayed, and other pertinent information over VHF for the races.  This information is provided as a courtesy to the competitors and does not in any way alter their responsibility to observe the RC’s visual signals which govern the conduct of the race.  Errors or omission involving such courtesy broadcasts shall not be grounds for redress.    [15] 

24.4    Competitors are required to have VHF radio on board.


24.1.     Trophies for the Spring Fling will be awarded to Spinnaker 1, Spinnaker 2, J-22 and JAM Fleets

24.2.     The trophy presentation will be held at Race HQ after the racing on Sunday June 13th.

    • Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.    [16] 
    • Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $300,000 per incident or the equivalent.