What happens when you host a sailboat regatta and the wind does not blow? You have a License to Chill.

With the 42nd annual Governor’s Cup Regatta in the rear view mirror, and I have had some time to rest a little, here are my thoughts:
  • That was a lot of fun! What a great weekend!
  • We had 21 boats register- a great number
  • We saw new and old faces having fun together
  • We did pull off 3 races and Star is AWESOME as RC
  • The band was fun, the food was good, the bootleggers were green
  • I need to learn how to sail backwards
Special thanks to the Gov Cup Krewe: Paul Nahon, Jim McGraw, Nancy Mitchell, Star Mauloff, Ron Barrow, Todd McQueen, Tiffany Hopkins, Leslee Nelson, and Steph (Soul Sista) Cooper! The event went off perfectly and they all had a huge hand in that. Be sure to buy them a beverage of choice when you see them!
Race results are posted at yachtsite.dev.  Pictures will be up shortly, and will be loaded up in batches, so be sure to check the site regularly. Also watch the Stockton newspaper- we are in there as well. Congrats to all of the winners!!
Also, be sure to check on the races we still have to come. That includes this weekend’s Fall Series racing. And be sure to be there for Gumbo Cup- the food is great and it will also be our end of the year meeting.
Over and out from Wichita,
B-arr-y Nelson, a proud Commodore of the Lake Stockton Yacht Club
(we fried that keg, in case you were wondering)
(think about next year and the club owning a pontoon boat)