At LSYC, we offer two thrilling avenues for sailors of all levels: Cruise racing and Buoy racing.

Cruise racing embodies the essence of enjoyment, where sailors navigate a 5 to 7 mile course around Stockton Lake and embracing the wind’s whims as they compete across varying courses. It’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in the serenity of sailing while still savoring the competitive spirit.
On the other hand, Buoy racing delivers intense, tactical excitement as sailors maneuver around strategically placed markers, honing their skills in speed, precision, and strategy. Whether you seek the tranquility of cruising or the adrenaline of buoy racing, LSYC provides the perfect platform to indulge your passion for sailing.

For the Cruising races we use a pursuit start that eliminates the stress of the starting line jostling and allows racers of all levels to participate. For more information on the cruising series click here.

For the buoy racers we currently have 3 official buoy racing fleets: One Design,  Spinnaker Fleet and JAM Fleet (Jib & Main).

We use the PHRF New England for base ratings for both Cruising Series and Buoy racing on Spinnaker and Jam Fleets.

Basic Racing Rules

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Spring Fling 2024 Buoy Race

Cruise Series

Governor's Cup 2023 now open for sign up 

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