I am sitting back, thinking of the year we have had. Some things come to mind:

  • Fall series- we had 4 different winners.
  • Our cruising fleet had more races than we have had in a very long time
  • Our membership is increasing
  • The number of race boats is increasing (I hear a Schock 35 is coming next year as well)
  • We have had a LOT of fun
  • We have brought the club into this century- both legally and digitally.
  • We have a solid foundation to continue
  • There was some great racing out on this beautiful lake of ours
So many folks to thank, but mostly, I want to thank all of you. Your participation and the fun you are having is what matters! Keep up the good work!
Over the winter, we are going to do the following in preparation for 2017:
  • We will have a KC and a Springfield Board meeting, like last year. Dates to come.
  • We will do a deep dive into the finances and what the club dues should really look like.
  • Website enhancements.
  • New partnership opportunities.
  • Setting up a multihull fleet, run by the Bristows
  • A structure to purchase and maintain a committee boat.
What I need from all of you:
  • Think about what you would like your club to do/ look like/ accomplish/ party ideas and let me know. Your feedback MATTERS.
  • I need a membership person
  • I need a webpage helper (you don’t have to do everything, just assist)
  • I need more people to help run races (pick a race, any race)
  • I need a youth leader. I will bring the kids and boats, I need you to organize a couple of days
What I would really like you to take away from this is:
  • We have a GREAT club and it is thriving
  • We are so lucky to have our lake, our sport, and each other
  • I appreciate each and every one of you
So let’s haul the sheet in and ride on this wind! Our sails filled this year, let’s trim ’em up and GO!
Your (kinda) humble Commodore,
B-arr-y Nelson
(Anyone headed to the islands this winter? Racing anywhere cool? Let me know)
(I’m trying to figure out a way to get to Bermuda next summer for AC races)
(The new Facebook page is cool- I really like that drone stuff)
(My house has WAY too much Halloween candy)