And if you feel only 2 out of 3 apply, fake the other- we won’t judge! Happy JUNE! June is the perfect tine to be young, foolish and happy. You have our permission. And there is no better place to do that then at Stockton Lake!

Welcome new members! We are almost DOUBLE the membership from last year so far, and I know there are still many of you “lurking”- go ahead and sign up- it does not hurt, I swear!

Here is what the club is up to: (and remember to watch for changes on the calendar at that is your best place to find calendar changes)

June 3: Spring series 2- skippers meeting at Shark Park at 9:30, Paul is running the races this week, and WE WILL RUN A HOBIE FLEET if we have 2 or more show up.

And come for the after race party- Greg and Teresa’s SHRIMP BOIL! Back by popular demand- this is YUMMY! Members are covered, and new friends we will ask for a few bucks thrown in the hat to help cover cost. I hear it is Teresa’s birthday and she LOVES presents, just sayin’…..

Sunday is the backup day for racing in case of weather. If we make a weather change, you will hear it on channel 72 and then see it on the website calendar.

June 17: Spring Series 3- be sure to be there and after that is Sam and Marsha’s Flag Day Party! Come dressed in your flag gear/ military gear! And we will be awarding the Spring Series trophies there.

June 24: The Inter- Dock Challenge!  This is a cruiser’s series race and all are welcome. It will be a chase race. The intent is to challenge a boat from another dock, marina, ocean, planet or just trash talk that other boat from that other dock. And after that is the BIG EEEEEVENT! A kegger like only the E Park Scalawags can throw! And this might be their new dock grand opening (fingers crossed)

And we have youth activities and a hobie training class in the works! More to come.

Over and out from Kirksville, MO

B-arr-y your lanky Commodore

(The more of you that sign up online and pay via secure pay pal, the more advertising I think I can get. Go ahead, I dare you) (and those that have signed on already- you ROCK)

(Friendly reminder- membership is annual for calendar 2017, not July- July or whatever)

(Kirksville is not like New Orleans at Mardi Gras- but then, where is?)