Feb 23, 2023

As the 2023 Season approaches, Commodore Tom Schroder and the LSYC Board have been working behind the scenes to build a robust schedule for the club.  In reviewing participation both on and off the water, the board has made a few tweaks to the schedule to ensure every member has an opportunity to participate.

Ahoy Sailors!

CRUISING SQUADRON – Over the last 2 years, Commodore Tom Schroder started a 6 week Cruising Squadron Series from mid-July through August.  It appears Tom was ahead of the curve as Cruising Events are now becoming a foundation for member participation in clubs, as well as major events like the NOOD’s and Race Weeks.

In 2023, the majority of the “On the Water” activities will be Cruising Squadron Oriented, including the Day Event.  The intent is to get every club member on the water in their boat and completing a 7 mile pursuit course.  Pursuits starts are staggered with the slowest boats starting first and fastest boats last.  Typically, most boats finish within 3 hours or less and include many close finishes. 

While racing and on the water, right of way rules apply due to the nature of the course and spirit of the event. The issues encountered with buoy racing are minimal.

Every 2023 Club Membership will include entry into all Cruising Events, including the opening day parade.  The Spring Seminar will have an afternoon session discussing “How To Get Involved.”  20+ boats going the same direction can be a lot of fun!!

SOCIALS – Mayor Todd of E-Park is taking the helm again as Social Chair.  The mayor will help coordinate social events, with other members taking responsibility of several specific events like the Shrimp Boil, Gumbo Cup, Wine & Cheese and XXX???

BUOY RACES – With the growth of the Cruising Squadron, the board is scaling back the Spring Buoy Racing.  The Spring Fling will continue and be free for all members to participate.  The After Race Social will be scaled back, with the intent on getting back on the water early Sunday and keeping social logistics to a minimum.

The Governor’s Cup will be pushed back a week to allow more boats stage (stage?) after the Lake Perry Commodores Cup.

YACHT SCORING – All events will utilize Yacht Scoring.  This platform will help with Registration for larger events and house a database of Race Results.  The fee is $10 per boat that participates and will be included in your membership

DINGHY DAY – Grand Mariner will host a Dinghy Day off the GM Dock.  This will be a fun event where members can view competitors and offer encouragement from the docks.

HISTORY – Over the next few months we will begin a review of LSYC History with input from past and present Board Members

MEMBERSHIP – 2023 Membership will be a flat fee of $100.  You might ask “What do I get for my membership?”

  • Two free meals at every social with the exception of the Governor’s Cup
  • Free Entry into the Spring Fling
  • Yacht Scoring for Race Results
  • Entry into all Cruising Events
  • Entry into Buoy Racing
  • Yachting Club of America – Reciprocal Card
  • Liability Protection for Board and Volunteers
  • Prestige 😊