2023 Spring Fling Course

LSYC Spring Fling – Cruising Squadron Course

The above map depicts the approximate Start/Finish Area and Mid-Race Mark past Maize Creek.  Please be aware of the shoals heading up the State Park Arm near the Start and on the NE Shore near Mid-Race Mark.  Total Course Length is 10 NM

Cruising Squadron RC will be on VHF Channel 71

Your Start Time is based on current PHRF Rating determined by RC.  Please review your rating.  LSYC uses NE PHRF Base Ratings and makes adjustments based on criteria provided by NE PHRF

  • Start between RC (Power Boat) and Buoy. 
  • Proceed to Turning Mark past Maize Creek – Round to Port
  • After Round proceed to Start / Finish Area

This is a Cruising Squadron Event that will have a mix of new participants and experienced sailors.  Please adhere to Right of Way Rules and avoid collisions.  Avoid aggressive maneuvers that could result in a collision, even if you have right away.  This is the Corynthian Spirt we want to instill in the Cruising Squadron!

If a Start Time is needed contact Tom Schroder at 913-744-8319

If would like to discuss adjustments to PHRF contact Paul Nahon at 417-459-6545

Skipper Meeting will be at 10 AM Saturday – Shark Park