The annual shrimp boil last Saturday, June 3rd, was a big hit with the able direction of Teresa and Greg Moerer. There are always big preparations and generous covered dish contributions to go right along with the logistics provided from Todd McQueen and his social committee group. So far, we are 3 for 3 on good weather, great food and inspired participation in good numbers at both Shark Park and E-park.

The moonlight sailing was overall calming and spectacular for those who enjoyed the moonrise and then the full lighting of the lake. We have been out for lots of these and this was the best if you can rank “BEAUTIFUL” somehow. After most observers had retired for the night, the competitors in the moonlight madness 5 mile race were finished in place after 3 hours and a full dose of the moon.  The finish order was Cody Shaw 1st, Jim McGraw 2nd, Phil and Stephanie and their pirate band 3rd, The Wamplers in their”new” boat 4th, Paul Nahon, last seen heading south, in 5th.

Upcoming events

This coming Saturday,June 10th will be something new. We will have as many small boats as we can muster, gathering around the “beach” and dock at the Grand Mariner shop for Dinghy Day. This will include the boats which have been donated to the club through the years and will include the sunfish, Holder Hawk, and the much patched Hunter 140 sloop. These boats are always available for club member use and we will discuss all of that and give instruction starting at 10 am. Come on by and bring a dinghy of your own and join in the fun. The RC will bring out a motorboat for observation and whatever might be needed on the water.

On Saturday, June 24th, another new event will be held. Our First Sail and Open House will be an open invitation for folks to come and be introduced to the LSYC. The Commodore and others will greet folks starting at 10 am at Shark Park and the hope is that the curious visitors will satisfy their curiosity by being invited out on the docks to see what our boats look like up close and volunteers can offer a short sailboat ride. Rounding out the day will be a de-briefing and burger and brats cookout at 5 pm. Afternoon floating on our spacious 1000 acre pool will be encouraged. 

Keep those pictures and comments coming to Mark Hamm for the website and Todd McQueen for the Facebook pages, Tom and Teresa