Predicting the weather can be difficult and at times even hazardous. As we sat at the no wake buoy line in the rain last Saturday, there was lightning and thunder present when we canceled the race. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a predetermined policy concerning what to do and how to communicate a plan for effectively postponing a race instead of canceling it. An hour later, the sun came out and the wind settled in at 10-12 from the southwest and we could have started a great race with just a one hour postponement.
So, for all future cruising series races there will be an announcement on VHF CH#71 at Orleans Trail Marina and State Park marina one hour before the “base” starting time to inform the competitors that the RC boat is leaving the harbor to proceed to the starting line. If there is a need to postpone the race, it will be announced on the VHF radio ch#71 and the race will be postponed for at least one hour and no more than 2 hours into the future. For more information on race day, phone or text 913-744-8319
This coming Saturday, August 12, the regular starting times centered around 12 noon will be used. Thankfully, the forecast calls for more moderate temperatures and a west wind of 10+ mph.