Stockton Lake, located in Southwest Missouri, is a deep, uncrowded lake with beautiful clear water (you can see your feet when you swim) and steady Southwest winds that come across Kansas and Oklahoma creating a sailing environment that has been ranked as a Top 10 inland sailing lake in the USA. It is near the town of Stockton, MO and Stockton is a charming, safe place with full amenities. Check out the Chamber of Commerce link.

The lake has 2 main arms, the Big Sac & the Little Sac arm, and covers 39 square miles, with 298 miles of shoreline. It has three marinas and 10 public-use areas. It has a “non-development policy,” and is surrounded by unspoiled, tree-covered hills. Its banks are owned and operated by the Army Corps of Engineers. The dam is a hydroelectric dam that supplies clean energy to the surrounding area.

Check out, as this website offers great local information.

Check out the lake level here.

Our club host many social events out of 2 marinas: Orleans Trail Marina and State Park Marina. There’s a 3rd marina on Stockton Lake: Mutton Creek Marina is south of the hwy 215 bridge on the Big Sac arm.

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