Basic Racing Rules

Love to get out on the water and participate? Nervous about all of that starting line nonsense or are a little unsure of your skills? This fleet is for you. This is relaxed racing. This is bring your dog and a six-pack racing. We have a lot of fun and encourage you to participate. We use a handicapping system so no matter what you sail, you can participate. Our boats range in size from 16’- 42’.

2018 Cruising Schedule:

April 28: Cruiser’s “Shakedown” Race. “If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen out there”- Captain Ron

May 12: Ladies Race, the “Admiral’s Cup”. Women at the helm only, can bring a male or two if they can earn their keep aboard!

June 23: Cruiser’s Distance Race. Typically an around-the-lake race. Bring extra provisions!

July 28: Moonlight Madness! Full moon tonight and a start time +/- 8:00pm.

August 25: Inter-dock Challenge. Challenge another boat to join us. They can be from another dock, marina, body of water, or planet.

September 8: Cruiser’s Cup. You get a really big trophy for this one, not to mention braggin’ rights.

October 20: Gumbo Cup! This is a single handed race.

November 3: Frostbite Race. Gloves are encouraged!