For the Spring Fling Cruise Race Series, LSYC will be using the PHRF Handicapping to calculate the start time for each boat. Below is a list of these start times specific to to this race and is a 10 mile cruise races . Official Start times for all of the Cruise Races will be posted on the Marina Bulletin boards at Orleans Train and State Park Marinas, so please check your official start times from those bulletin boards before each race.

For all communications during the race, please use Channel 71 on your radio

Calculation information

Base BoatBase Boat start timeCourse Length (nm)

How to read the starting time chart

Base PHRF includes all available base sails for the boat. This includes the Main, Jib, and Spinnaker. Adjusted PHRF is what we commonly call JAM (jib and main) fleet or adjusted PHRF. In this chart, the JAM adjustment is 15 seconds per mile. This is an arbitrary amount added and traditionally used by LSYC. You will see that the non spinnaker fleet has a higher PHRF

ModelNo SpinnakerPHRFNo SpinnakerSpinnakerOwner
Hunter 28 II20719211:50:30 AM11:53:00 AMKerri and Terri
Catalina 2227827511:38:40 AM11:39:10 AM
Hunter 3317415911:56:00 AM11:58:30 AMJoel Billbury
Victoria 1832731211:30:30 AM11:33:00 AMZack Martin
Hunter 25 II24923411:43:30 AM11:46:00 AMDesderata
Hunter 3118617111:54:00 AM11:56:30 AMRick Frizbee
Hunter 3415313811:59:30 AM12:02:00 PMGuy Elliot
Capri 2222821311:47:00 AM11:49:30 AME-doc
Hunter 30 Cher23221711:46:20 AM11:48:50 AMPhil and Steph Cooper
Hunter 30-219217711:53:00 AM11:55:30 AMSara Wanderer
Catalina 3615313811:59:30 AM12:02:00 PMTroy
Ericson 3812911412:03:30 PM12:06:00 PMRon Plymate
Hunter 28020719211:50:30 AM11:53:00 AMEdock
Tartan Piper 2819818311:52:00 AM11:54:30 AMZack Ritter
Oday 32-218316811:54:30 AM11:57:00 AMJared McQueen
Beneteau 28519818311:52:00 AM11:54:30 AMMatt Plymate
S2 11.016515011:57:30 AM12:00:00 PMZack Martin
Elan 40937812:09:30 PM12:12:00 PMRon Barrow
Catalina 34 TM15915411:58:30 AM11:59:20 AMJeff Bruffert
S2 7.027626111:39:00 AM11:41:30 AMBarry Nelson
Spirit 2823121611:46:30 AM11:49:00 AMJim Mcgraw
Newport 2721620111:49:00 AM11:51:30 AMRick Cantrell
Catalina 3019518011:52:30 AM11:55:00 AMStandard Rig
Thomas 35877212:10:30 PM12:13:00 PMJim North
Beneteau 33117716511:55:30 AM11:57:30 AMSteve Bassett, Todd Mcqueen
Pearson 2622821311:47:00 AM11:49:30 AMBrian and Lisa Wampler
Beneteau 36CC18617111:54:00 AM11:56:30 AMMike Whitehead
Hunter Legend 3712010512:05:00 PM12:07:30 PMTom and Teresa
s2 7.918316811:54:30 AM11:57:00 AMWayne Mitchell
J/2818617111:54:00 AM11:56:30 AMCody Shaw
Gulfstar 3615914411:58:30 AM12:01:00 PMJim Mcgraw
Hobie 331059012:07:30 PM12:10:00 PMPaul Nahan
Melges 2411710212:05:30 PM12:08:00 PMSpurgeon
Newport 28-220719211:50:30 AM11:53:00 AMMichael Kretk
Catalina 38713512012:02:30 PM12:05:00 PMBarry Nelson
Irwin Cit. 3813812312:02:00 PM12:04:30 PMEx Jade
J/2713512012:02:30 PM12:05:00 PMJohn Cooper
Beneteau 35.712911412:03:30 PM12:06:00 PMBrad Bledsoe
Beneteau 36.7937812:09:30 PM12:12:00 PMGreat I Am
J/105998412:08:30 PM12:11:00 PMVolmert
Hunter 29.520118611:51:30 AM11:54:00 AMLa Dolce Vita
Corsair513612:16:30 PM12:19:00 PMRex and Reba
Beneteau Platu13512012:02:30 PM12:05:00 PMMatt Plymate
Catalina 30 tall18917411:53:30 AM11:56:00 AMSteve Vinson
Hunter 43 Legend968112:09:00 PM12:11:30 PMCharles and Betty West
Catalina 250 K24322811:44:30 AM11:47:00 AMReed Shaw
Gemini Cat21620111:49:00 AM11:51:30 AMJohn Last
Catalina 3416515011:57:30 AM12:00:00 PMMoerer, Hamm, Suzy
S-2 9.114713212:00:30 PM12:03:00 PMJohn Borowski
J/2219518011:52:30 AM11:55:00 AMPhillip Cooper
Beneteau 3712911412:03:30 PM12:06:00 PMRhapsody in Blue

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