This Saturday we will begin our Spring PHRF Racing Series. Some things to note:
1. Be sure to get your MEMBERSHIP FORM and $ in! We can’t score your boat without that information, and we cannot (and will not) allow your boat on the course without that signed waiver. So, if you want to race, and have not turned your stuff in, GIT R DUN. And if you already have, THANK YOU.
2. Read the calendar for skippers meeting time and location and attend. (yes, we will take your application there, but we would rather be ready for you). When in doubt, monitor ch 72.
3.  Wine tasting to follow! In the “old bar” at Orleans Trail. Garland Wines, a fine and unique importer, will be doing a sit down tasting. There is a small fee, bring cash. We should be done in time for you to have dinner on your own and perhaps you will want to order some unique wines.
I have attached the calendar and application. I look forward to seeing you all at BEAUTIFUL Stockton Lake this weekend!
Your faithful (and lanky) Commodore,
Barry Nelson
S/V Sweet Jade, Jezebel, Driftwood, (and any other tiller I can get my grubby hands on)