Hello LSYC friends and family!  Here is your schedule for the next few weeks, and we are featuring days when the activity continues when the sun goes down. Save/ print this email or follow the bouncing ball. (There really is not a bouncing ball, I’m not that good with tech)

First of all, last weekend we had some great racing and fun! Congrats to Schatzi and Phil on his new J22 for making changes to the leaderboard! Thanks Paul for the State Park Party!

September 3rd: Water War, 3pm. Our Social Director, Todd the Mayor of E, is hosting this highly popular event. Come prepared with water cannons and bio-degradable water balloons. We had 7 boats last time and it is a ton of fun.
September 3rd: Tailgate Party, dusk, at O.T. Pool. Bring a lawn chair or tailgate and we will be dancing to a concert projected on a sail. The club cooler will have some beers and water.
September 9th: 7:00 pm Sail Trim Seminar. Hosted by North sail’s Al Declerq. We have a conference room at the OT conference center and and all club members are encouraged to attend. This is a very valuable seminar.
September 10th: Racing, be sure to be at Shark Park for the skipper’s meeting, and Al will be on the water to coach you as well.
September 10th: after the races, 6:00 ish Shrimp Boil, hosted by the Morer’s at Shark Park. Bring a side/ dessert and BYOB.
Over and out from San Diego, aboard a Hunter 38,
B-arr-y (turns out, there really is a little pirate in me!)
(Ever been to San Diego Bay? The military presence here is amazing. Got to watch Seals train as I was cruising around. Thank you to all that have served!!)