Hello LSYC friends and family! What is the best cure for winter blues? (even if it is toasty today- I see snow in the forecast) The best cure is to get ready for the LSYC 2017 season!
We are ready to go! And we have a ton of new things this year! I will highlight a few things here, but this website is full of details.
Why should you be a member?
  • You can race your boat 32 times and attend 10 parties
  • 3 fleets: Spinnaker, JAM, and Multi-hull
  • 8 Cruiser’s races
  • Functioning Youth Club
  • Ladies race, water wars, and seminars
  • YCA, US Sailing, and other discounts
We are building a powerful, sustainable club!
  • Renewed focus on racing- saving up for a committee boat and hosting a world- class Race Committee Seminar
  • Dug into the books- eliminated $900 in annual costs- and added a few. If you have a ? about dues, please ask
  • Grab a beverage of choice and spend some time at stocktonyachtclub.com, facebook: lake-stockton-yacht-club and instagram #lakestocktonyachtclub
What can you do?
  • Join! Go to the tab- About- Membership. This is how we will handle membership going forward. Payment is secure thru Pay Pal.
  • Recruit! Tell your friends that you are a proud member of a fun club that has it’s shit together.
  • April 8– World- Class RC training. Location TBD in Stockton. 8 hours, and WORTH IT. You should seriously consider this if you enjoy racing or just want to become a better sailor. More info to come.
Over and out from Olathe,
B-arr-y Nelson, Commodore
(We will be adding the ability to buy hats, t shirts, etc in addition to the burgees you see under the “Shop” tab)
(Also adding advertisements- not quite done- but if you have a company that should be advertising here- let me know- your company gets a member discount)
(Due to accounting upgrades, dues are for the 2017 YEAR, not June- June as in the past. Questions about that? Let me know)
(You will get a membership packet with YCA card and a gift in it)
(Whew! Lots of heavy lifting is done- this is gonna be FUN!!)