Good morning LSYC Friends and Family! Today I’d like to talk about the Heart and Soul of the Lake Stockton Yacht Club-

YOU. You good lookin’ person, you. You multi-talented person, you. And- SAILING. That world- class sport. That passion we all share. These are the Heart and Soul of the club.
The mission of the LSYC is to help YOU enjoy SAILING more.
So this year we have a renewed focus on racing! In addition to saving up for a committee boat we are hosting a world- class race committee training. This is your unique chance to be trained by one of America’s premier RC people. You can find his bio by clicking here:
It is April 8th, an all day training in the Boat House restaurant back room. This is a very valuable experience for experienced and novice sailors alike. The flyer is attached.
I realize that committing an entire day, in Stockton, can be daunting. I realize you may be concerned about being “stuck” running every race from here to eternity. I get it. If you have these concerns, please consider this:
You will learn a lot about this passion of yours. YOU can be a better SAILOR.
And we are building a sustainable club for the future. One person running all the races in a borrowed boat is not sustainable. We need a bunch of us to share the load.
My ask of you is this: click here to get your annual membership up and running. Then email me at to register for the RC training.
Over and out from Olathe,
B-arr-y Nelson, Commodore
(Looks like an early season this year! Next seminar is maintenance)