And, well, that is (just about) all I could come up with for our forecast of 7 inches this weekend.  BUT………look forward to next weekend’s forecast- 75, sunny, wind of 10!    Perfect weather for our opening series! That’s right folks the first race of the season, and first official party of the season is a mere 8 days away! So here is what you need to do to prepare while you are binging on Netflix and shopping on your Amazon Prime account:

If you have not yet, GET SIGNED UP ONLINE!
Then, buy some gear!
Then, think about a committee boat and the future of the club iwanttobearockstar
I know, I know, it is so much fun to shop online. This is your chance to avoid that impulse purchase of Kitten Mittens and spend it on YOU!
May 6 is the Opening Day Regatta and Cinco de Mayo party! This a Cruiser’s Series race and that means everyone is welcome. We will use the information we have from your registration to give you a start time and this is a reverse start race. So, you are on your honor to start at the time you are given and in theory, we should all be finishing near each other. Skipper’s meeting will be at Shark Park at 9:30 and is being run by Flip Cooper- he will give you your start time and will record your finish. You will need to let him know you are racing.
It is really important that we get your boat information, from your registration, AHEAD of time. Tough to run a race when everyone shows up at the last minute. Help us out and GET REGISTERED! You know you want to. And all the cool kids are wearin’ the gear (the club gets a cut of the profits) and flyin’ the burgees.
Then it is Cinco de Mayo! Steph is putting this one together and I am looking forward to it! Shark Park after the races or 5ish. Come meet your club mates and bring a friend! We will even announce the winner of the race and hold them in high esteem! Could it be you?
Watch the website calendar for updated times and if an event changes. This is your go-to place for that.
Over and out from Ulysses, KS (been a lot of windshield time this week)
B.arr.y Nelson (yes, if can do it, I can show the pirate in me)
(hee he, this is gonna be fun!)
(oh and while you are shopping online imtoldthisboatisawesome)