I encourage you to download and listen to this song while you read this https://itun.es/us/rBjn?i=3446449  or click on this youtube and leave the music on in the background. Then read on:    Happy Solstice! Happy MidSummer! Happy official Summer! I got a chance to count my blessings today- I saw the sunrise and the sunset and enjoyed the most Sunny Hours of the year in between. Today, I am a lucky man.

Big weekend coming up! The Inter-Dock Challenge is upon us- this is a chase race for ALL members. We encourage you to invite a friend from another dock, marina, lake or planet and have them come race with us! Get them a start time from Flip  at all_prophil@yahoo.com

Want a chance to win cool prizes for showing club spirit?  Sign up here http://www.summersailstice.com/event/inter-dock-challenge-cruisers-series-race
Saturday night is The Big EEEEvent! A party like only the E Park Scalawags can throw! I’m hoping The Mayor has some of that yummy Apple Pie hooch. Watch facebook for details. And don’t worry, your liver will forgive you (eventually).
Spring series results will be posted on the website shortly, and the prizes are at the lake ready to go.
Then July 1 is a Water War!
Over and out from Springfield,
B-arr-y (there is a little pirate in me) Nelson, your grateful Commodore
(Welcome members new and old- we are 75 strong and counting)
(We NEED a club boat to run races and parties from. Check out the Go Fund Me on the website. Think about the club and our future. Please give till it hurts. Or split it up in monthly installments. We could use your help. We are the premier sailing club in the region and we need this.)
(Check out the newest member that was donated to our fleet- the Hunter 147 currently sitting in the slip with Jezibel, the yellow S2. She is a BLAST to sail. As a member, you can sail her. Her mainsail is dry, clean, and folded nicely in the dock box near by. Please put her away as you found her, and let me know you have her so I know where she is)
(She needs a name- ideas?)