We are up and running my friends- the 2018 Lake Stockton Yacht Club season is moving forward and we are glad to have you along!

Here are some tidbits that can put some spring in your step:

Last weekend- the maintenance seminar went really well, hosted by Mark and Dana at Lake Stockton Boat Works. I know I learned a lot and have been busy on Amazon buying those cleaners ever since.
The first Cruiser’s Series races were held on a beautiful day even if the wind was flukey. (Yes, that’s a word, at least in my little world)
1st place: John Cooper on his J (what’s that name again?)
2nd place: The Boss
3rd place: Old Glory

This weekend, May 5th:
Spring Series race #1 Skipper’s meeting 9:00am STATE PARK by the LSYC board (drive around to the left side of the marina). We will try and have a speaker phone line open for those at O.T. Shark Park that can’t make it by then. (But you all know how cell service is around here, so no promises….best bet is to go to State Park Marina)

After the races- Cinco de Mayo party hosted by Steph Cooper and Dana Lamier, held at the Lake Stockton Boat Works floating headquarters at Orleans Trail. There will be food, music, fun and oh, yeah, we might find some tequila there as well!

What else is up? We have drawn names for who will be covering the Race Committee boat for the spring series, so if you are an Admiral Member and did not get an email from me today about this, then you are off the hook for the Spring Series. But your name is still in the hat for Fall Series! As a club we are building a stronger racing community and that includes more knowledgeable racers, along with a shared work load.

What’s next?
May 12: Lady’s race! This is a Cruisers Series race and has females at the helm! One of the best events of the year! Bring your female crew (and a fella if he can earn his keep) and fly your pink pirate flag!
May 19: Spring Series Race #2 followed by Greg and Teresa’s Shrimp Boil!
May 26: LSYC Dock Box Garage Sail! (see what I did there?) Empty your dock boxes for a good cause. Funds raised will go into the committee boat fund. We are coordinating with the town of Stockton’s annual garage sale and will be on their map.

Haven’t paid your 2018 dues? Stocktonyachtclub.com- membership tab.

Over and out from Joplin,
B-arr-y Nelson, your Commodore who still has not been given a big hat with a feather. Just sayin 🙂
(If a guy named Evan from 417 magazine starts asking questions, he’s cool. They are writing a nice piece on us and he will be around this season. Feel free to take him for a ride)
(Remember- Skippers’ Meeting at State Park this week- be there or be in irons)