Happy Spring LSYC friends and family! Spring is here! You made it! Time to Lively Up Yourself, your friends and your family to begin another GREAT year at Stockton!

First of all, thank you to all who have sent in their annual registration, and for those that have not yet, NOW IS THE TIME. Please remember: you cannot participate in ANY on the water activities until that registration is filled out. Head on over to the membership tab on this site. While you are there, check out the events coming up, the sponsors, and the fun links. Maybe shop a little, and soon, very soon, we will be showcasing some new t-shirt designs as well.

This Saturday: Please join us at 9 AM Saturday April 28 for an informative discussion regarding several boat maintenance and repair issues. Mark LaMair of Lake Stockton Boat Works will be at the new Boat Works floating office, just on the lake adjacent to his work area at Orleans Trail. We plan to meet for about an hour, and Mark is willing to answer questions on multiple topics. Any questions, please call Dave Phelps 913-620-5956. We will hold the skipper’s meeting at that location for the first Cruisers’ Series race of the year.

Cruisers’ Series Shakedown event: just after the maintenance seminar, we will head out and see if these toys of ours still work! Start times will be handed out at the skipper’s meeting. and we will likely do a course that is approx. 5 miles.

The LSYC is very sad to hear about the passing of our dear friend, Harry Cooper. Fair winds and God speed.

What’s next? May 5th is the beginning of the Spring Series and for good measure we will also have our Cinco de Mayo party. That’s right my friends, the club is up and running, Spring has sprung, and it is time to Lively Up Yourself! Get your calendar synced, get the LSYC website saved to your desktop, and get your crew ready- this is going to be a GREAT year at Stockton.

Over and out from Wichita,
B-arr-y Nelson, your lanky Commodore
(I am SO done with the rainy weekends, glad to see some sun in the forecast so I can get some work done on the boats)
(Been anywhere fun this winter? I am looking forward to hearing your tall tales)
(So Helga and Ollie were getting out of shape so Helga decided to join the swim team. Ollie said ya Helga dis is a good ting. So she did and the day came for there first meet. Ollie waited at home to hear how she had done. When Helga walked in Ollie said vell Helga how’d you do? Helga replied Oh Ollie I signed up for the 50 yard breast stroke. and I came in dead last. Ollie said that’s too bad what happened Helga? Vell Ollie I dont vant to be the complainer but I tinks some of them women vas using their arms.) (Thank you Aubrey@ Bongos!)