April! The month when you plant seeds and begin to watch them grow. Showers and flowers and such. Well, the LSYC is planting seeds and I would like to take just a moment and explain what I mean:

When you join the club, your dues help the club stay alive and prosper. Your positive energy and attitude help the club thrive. If you are committing some time and expertise as well, the club becomes super healthy. Thank you to all who have done this- it is working! And for those of you on the sidelines, no time like the present to get to get signed up!

But it is not just you. We have some advertisers who have made a SERIOUS financial commitment to this club. They are also helping the club thrive. My ask of you is this: help them thrive too! I’d encourage you to go around our website, find them, and then go see them!!

Bongo’s Bistro- Aubrey is a long time sailor and is working hard for your business
Crabtree Cove Cottages- A new rental option for your family
Spurgeon Yachts- Just raffled off a bottom job in support of the club
Stockton Boat Works- Mark and Dana are hosting Cinco de Mayo and a maintenance seminar
Stockton Lake Properties- Emily is super smart with her finger on the pulse of Stockton

As a bonus: check out NEAT. This is a local non- profit that is working to make Stockton more beautiful. As a club, the LSYC believes that a stronger Stockton= a stronger LSYC, and a stronger LSYC= a stronger Stockton.

We are just a few weeks from our opener! This is going to be a GREAT year in Stockton!

Over and out from Lawrence, KS,

B-arr-y Nelson, Commodore
(Seriously, we LOVE our sponsors! I dare y’all to prove it!)
(Still thinking of advertising with us this year? It is not too late- we have a full calendar)
(I am in need of some funny jokes- got one you can send (to just me, don’t reply all)?)