With due respect to the rock band Queen, today I am referring to our sailboats, our Fat Bottomed Girls. (Well, except for Moonraker, she is svelte)

We are adding an event to the calendar- next Saturday, March 24, is an Open House at Spurgeon’s. At that open house they are raffling off a bottom job. The proceeds of this raffle will go towards a committee boat for the LSYC! So it is worth your (and your fat bottomed girl’s) while to swing by Spurgeon’s Yachts next weekend!

Since I have your attention, I’d like to thank those that have signed up at the membership page on this site for their 2018 season. For those that have not yet, well, no time like the present. You get a season full of fun (and some goodies) for about the cost of one night out!

It is going to be a great year at Stockton!

Over and out from Winter Park, CO
B-arr-y Nelson, Commodore
(Watch for other fun things coming up, from other sponsors- the club is ready to go)
(Check out those Carreras in the yard)
(Are YOU thinking of sponsoring the club? Give us a try- I dare you! :-))