When the weather is 60 mph winds, lightning, big hail, and there is a tornado nearby, what do you do? Well, you RACE! (After going to the bar to ride the storm out, of course!)

The LSYC had a great weekend! Great racing and the Shrimp Boil was a hit again! We had 50+ attend the party, well represented by NEW MEMBERS. Welcome!! And how about Greg and Todd who stayed out in the downpours to keep cooking our shrimp, corn and such. And Teresa who bit the dust but kept going! Thank you!

2 big things on the horizon!

1. Dinghy Racing! Is kicking off next week with a practice race on May 29th at 5:45pm, you can find the NOR under the cruising tab. And the schedule for dinghy racing is on the calendar.

2. Dock Box Garage Sail! Saturday May 26, Memorial Day weekend. You know you need more space! Donate that good stuff to the LSYC Committee Boat Fund! Bring your stuff, labeled with price suggestion, to Shark Park EARLY SATURDAY. What time? Earlier the better, you know how those garage salers are!. If you want to split the proceeds 50/50, then LABEL THAT CLEARLY and we will keep track of that (to the best of our abilities) Blue painter’s tape works great for labeling.

And finally- WELCOME to our new members!! This year, we have had the biggest spike in membership that I can remember and WE APPRECIATE YOU.

Over and out from Springfield (Big Whiskey’s Downtown)
B-arr-y Nelson, your grateful Commodore

(Yes, I can spell sale. But I am having fum)
(Thank you Kathie Reider for the magazine!)
(This is a great year at Stockton! The club is strong. The community is strong. The partnership with the town is strong)
(Hey there- Man In My Shoes- I see you there)
(Sassy- splashing yet?)
(Predator is not called Predator any more…..uh oh…..)
(I thing the Carreras should have an old fashioned race- like the Porsches do)(And yes, I am in for crew!)
(Looking for race results? They are on the website)