Yes, this rag- tag bunch of water freaks all show up at Stockton and participate in the LSYC, and one could argue it is because we ain’t all there. I will not debate that point, in fact I resemble that remark! So in the interest of all of us being here and participating in the LSYC activities, I will list is what is coming up. I am typing this so you will have a handy planning guide- what weekends can you come? How about your family/ friends? Crew? Boat needs? Is the cooler full?

Be sure to follow the calendar on this website and also the Facebook page. Any changes will be posted in those places.

August 25- Cruiser’s series race and party at State Park pavilion (more details from Paul are pasted below)(and the 26th is a full moon!)
September 8- Cruiser’s Cup!
September 14-16 The 44th annual Governor’s Cup Regatta sponsored by Lake Stockton Boat Works. Clear your calendar for this weekend, it is always a good time!
September 29- The Fall Series begins!
October 13- Fall Series #2
October 19 and 20- Friday is Rick’s Famous Gumbo and the 20th is the single handed race- The Gumbo Cup!
October 27- Fall Series #3 AND end of the year meeting AND awards ceremony.
November 3- Frostbite series cruiser’s race.

And as you are planning, please consider a couple of things:
CHECK OUT OUR SPONSORS AND VISIT THEM. They invested in you. Please invest in them.
I am stepping down as Commodore at the end of the season. I would like to train the next person during this part of the season. Are you up for it? Do you have questions? Let me know at (your future email address) The club is in great shape and it is time for me to spend more weekends at my 10 and 14 yr old’s scouting, school and sports events.
See you on the water- it is going to be a GREAT fall season at Stockton!

Your short- timing tall guy,
B-arr-y Nelson, Commodore

(When you become Commodore, you get a cool flag, but alas, no funny hat with a big feather)
(The calendar looks great for the fall- let’s play!)
From Paul:
I will run the Inter Dock Challenge next weekend as a match race / level race.


The intent is to have boats with close ratings race each other in either a match race format or level race format is there are more than 2 that have close ratings. (Melges 24 vs Carerra 280 & 290 – Level vs match race as there are 3) (Calatina 30 vs Catalina 30) (S2 6.9 vs Spirt 28, Newport 28?)
Hope this makes sense.

We will not have an official RC unless someone wants to sit on the line??

The race area will be to the east of the Island or slightly up State Park Arm depending on the wind conditions. There will be a 9AM skippers meeting at OTM.

Racing will start at 11:30 and be completed by 3:30.


wine and cheese party at State park South Shelter starting around 5:30-6:00.

In addition to wine and cheese we will also have the grill fired up if you would like to bring along a protein. Also if anyone wants to make additional sides they are welcome.

If you choose not to travel by water Phil Cooper will be providing transport on the “Short Bus”

Feel free to call with any questions.