This lyric reminds me of the time my buddy and I spent a week living and sailing on Lake Superior aboard his 23 ft sloop and one day we pulled in to a Latitudes and Attitudes party in Bayfield, WI. At that party (after dancing to Eric Stone and drinking our share of painkillers) we got our toenails painted by a gypsy. This symbolized that we were “tagged by a gypsy” which showed we were forever a friend to all gypsies and dogs. And at that party I got to board my first Gozzard yacht. (Ain’t those beautiful? Congrats Dean and Cathy!)

On Lake Superior, in that little boat, I learned all about “reef early, reef often” and with the recent storms, I feel it is a good time to remind everyone – stay safe out there! Even the most experienced skippers can get surprised by a gypsy wind. God speed to those affected in Branson.

And to those in State Park- I hope things get back to normal for you soon!

Back to the gypsies- My Favorite Gypsy (my daughter and the Irwin’s namesake) has reminded me that this weekend is a special weekend to be out. Not only is there a full moon and eclipse, but Venus and Mars will be uniquely aligned (look out Leo- Mars is coming) and very visible. My Favorite Gypsy says this weekend’s alignment can create really creative, fun and playful vibes. So grab your favorite Venetian (gal) and favorite Martian (dude) and put them in your boat for the Moonlight Madness race this weekend!

Over and out from Overland Park,
B-arr-y, your windblown Commodore who will forever be a friend to gypsies and dogs.

(OK, so there are some clouds and passing showers in the forecast. Don’t let that get you down, the fun vibes are still there)
(Please RSVP on Facebook for the Moon Over My Hammies breakfast- Steph and Marsha would appreciate a number to plan for.)
(Watch Facebook for skippers meeting and such- Flip Cooper is running this one)(Thanks Flip!)