Hello LSYC friends and family! In the last couple of weeks we have had a lot of fun! I count 8 different boats that have placed in the top 3 in our recent events. I know when I watch some of you race, it is like watching madmen across the water. Especially when there is no wind! Let’s get to some results: (Details are on the website)

The 44th Annual Governor’s Cup Regatta, put on by the LSYC and Lake Stockton Boat Works:
Spinnaker Fleet
1st place- Touch of J by none other than our returning champion, John Cooper
2nd place- Risky Business, Paul Nahon
3rd place- Alley Cat, John F-en Borowski

JAM Fleet
1st place- Old Glory, Sam Jones
2nd place- Mahalo, J P Helder
3rd place- No Worries, Rick Cantrell

Cruiser’s Cup, bragging rights for the “rest of us”:
1st place- Shatzi, Greg Morer
2nd place- Compass Rose, Bat Materson
3rd place- No Worries, Rick Cantrell
4th place- Jezibel, yours truly (we got to the line late, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

What’s next? This weekend the Fall Series begins! Skippers meeting will be at State Park 10am Saturday (hopefully a call to OT will connect) and watch October for the Gumbo Cup and the end of the year meeting. We will present the Spring and Fall Series trophies at that meeting. The season is not over yet! Watch the calendar on the website.

In other news, please keep in mind:
1.  We are still saving up for a committee boat and are getting closer. If you have not yet committed to the go fund me page, please do.
2.  The club is excited to have Tom Schroeder join the board as Cruising Commander for next year, and Sontina Overby will be in charge of our social media, web and photography. Both Tom and Sontina bring great ideas and experience to their positions and the club appreciates their talents! This means we will have a great cruising fleet and we will look good doing it!
3.  The LSYC positions of Commodore and Race Chair are open. Is it YOUR time? How can YOU help the club? This ship is in excellent shape and she is looking for a new a captain and (Rudder?) (Spinnaker?)(Yanmar turbo diesel?)(You decide)

Over and out from Blue Springs,
B-arr-y Nelson, your Commodore who loves this stuff but has kids in events and that is my time of life for the next few years.

(If you have not been to one of the big boat shows on the coasts, GO! So much fun and I learned a lot at the Newport show)(And drooled a lot)
(Special thanks to all of our helpers during our events!!)
(I recently had some home made rum from a mason jar. Yummy)
(Lady walks into her Dr’s office and says “Doc, every time I sneeze, I have an orgasm”. Doc asks “what are you taking for it?” “Pepper” she says.)