There are a lot of fisher(men and women) on Stockton Lake, alongside us sailors and cruisers. What I find to be so cool is that we are so similar. Please allow me to explain.

When we go out on the water, we LOVE it. We love the natural beauty. We love to be there with our friends and family. We love the chance to be engaged with our world around us, and we love the chance to connect with those in our boats with us. We have a community of friends who are like- minded. Some of us are competitive, some of us like to just laze the day away. And we have allocated a chunk of time and money towards this. It is very important to us.

Am I describing fisher(folks) or sailor/ cruisers? Both.

I grew up in North-central Minnesota which is very definitely a fishing world. My wife Leslee’s Dad was on the pro-am bass tour and she grew up in a bass boat. As kids we learned things in those fishing boats that have translated to sailing. Many of those things are listed above and now we are (trying) to teach our kids those same things. My point is this:

We are so lucky to spend time in our boats and on the docks with those who are important to us, all the while connected to the world around us. Ain’t life grand!

It is a busy 3 weeks ahead:

This weekend: Fall Series #2. 10am skippers meeting at State Park, with a phone call to OT. We have an eye on the weather.
Next weekend: Rick’s Famous Gumbo Cup! Gumbo on FRIDAY (19th) this year (that is a change from last year) and Saturday (20th) will feature the Single Handed Cruiser’s series race. All members are welcome, you just have to be able to sail her on your own!
Saturday October 27 Fall Series Race #3, followed by a Halloween party at OT. You will look great in your costume!
Friday October 26: End of the year meeting at Boat House restaurant. At this meeting we will:
Hand out Spring Trophies
I will give a state of the club update
The club will buy some food and drinks, we want this to be a fun time!
We will elect new board members. Members who have offered their services, and you have the chance to vote on and/or apply for their position, are:
Commodore: Mike and Miranda Spurgeon
Rear Commodore/ Racing: Tom Schroeder
Communications Chair: Sontina Overby
Cruising Commander: Jim McCraw
Queen of Cash: Marsha Jones
Membership: George Knox

Over and out from Hays, KS

B-arr-y Nelson, your lanky, short-timing and grateful Commodore
(Thank you to all that have stepped up for the club in the past and in the future. The club is alive and healthy because of you!)
(R.I.P. David Smith, Leslee’s Dad. I can say with certainty that the fish in America are breathing a collective sigh of relief! And thank you Dave for teaching me about sailing while on your Skeeter bass boat)