Come one, come all, to the opening day celebration on May 6th for the Lake Stockton Yacht Club (LSYC) 2023 opening day. To paraphrase again from the Parrotheads, the weather will be there and we know you will be BEAUTIFUL.
The day will start with a blessing of the fleet which will be conducted by Past Commodore Barry Nelson, our ordained club member. You should work on looking your best for this event as it will also be the first official unveiling of the LSYC race committee boat which will be appropriately decorated with banners and the RC flag. The RC boat is a 24 foot pontoon boat which has been retired from the OTM rental fleet and repowered and refitted for LSYC use for all of our events this year. The RC boat will be anchored on the north side of Edge Island for the blessing of the fleet starting at 11:00AM.
Following the blessing and the receiving of good will and safe sailing for the year, a 7 mile parade/pursuit start race/cruise will start at 12:noon for the 150 PHRF rating boats with assigned start times either before or after noon depending on PHRF rating. Parade start times will be posted at all of the bulletin boards and posting sites starting on Thursday. We have been told that in the distant past, the cruise event always followed the blessing of the fleet. The starting line for the cruise/parade will be between a small orange mark and the Commodores (plural) Key West motorboat. The parade route will be the same 7mile triangle used for the SUMMER series. Maps will be posted!
Following the Parade/Cruise, the schedule calls for a dock box sale at Shark Park starting at 3:00. I know that we have stuff in our dock boxes and a storage unit that need to find a new home. What better way to start the season than a rummage sale? Keep the proceeds or donate them to LSYC.
Social chair Todd McQueen and his crew start the Cinco de Mayo festivities at Shark Park at 5:pm and the grills will be all fired up to provide Tex-Mex treats and eats under the freshly updated lights and decorations.
Please visit the LSYC membership link which is up and running or click on the new QR code which takes you directly there. You will also see some new business cards being circulated for a reminder to join up!
We will ask Barry to bless the current weather forecast in his preparations and we will look forward to a full day of opening a new year at LSYC. See you soon, Tom and Teresa