What a fun race we had! I think we had 15 boats out enjoying the great weather! To quote Mr. Cantrell: “Now, THAT is what this is all about!” Agreed. Thanks to Captain Crabby and Flying Cloud for taking some new folks out, as well as Leslee for giving another new couple “the tour”. Folks, we are growing!
Up next: The BATTLE! Water cannons, bio-degradable baloons and plenty of mayhem. Check out the attached calendar for details, and contact Mayor Todd atmayorofe@gmail.com with questions. (I’m sure he will put updates on Facebook, right Todd? ?)
Check out the updated calendar, making note of the YOUTH treasure hunt in July and the Starting Seminar hosted by our pros Heasuer, Barrow, and Bristow in early August. That should be really informative, I know I have a lot to learn.
Have a great Fourth everyone, the Griswolds, I mean, Nelsons, will be attacking Minnesota from the South.
(Barry says: I have so much fun with those music quotes, makes me giggle)
(Leslee says: My husband is SUCH a dork)
(Luke and Eric say: Mom is right)