July can get like that…….

You know what’s cool?  This place we love. Oh, and getting blasted by a water cannon.
I hear Messing About is the winner of the water battle! Atta boy, you crazy Pirate!
What’s next on the LSYC agenda you ask? July 16 can be a big day for you!   The Full Moon Distance Event is happening that evening! Notify pnahon@springfieldmo.gov if you are racing in this CRUISERS race so we can get you a start time. (If you are a social member, this is for you too)
at 2pm July 16 the Battle for Edge Island will commence.  Bring your water cannons and be afraid, very afraid.Bwwwaaaahahahah!!! This is back by popular demand! If you are a club member, it would behoove you to fight for your honor. Monitor facebook and CH 72, Todd the Mayor of E is in charge.
July 23 is another “2 fer” 10am we will have the LS YOUTH CLUB and their treasure hunt. Your next email from me will cover those details.
And that evening, we have the “Big EEEEEEEvent!”  This will be a straight-up bonfire kegger at E dock @ O.T.  Bring a lawnchair or pickup truck bed and the words to “Red Solo Cup”.
Then you get a week off until we have the starting clinic hosted by our experts. WHEW!
Live large,
Barry and Leslee, fresh from conquering the great state of MN.
(Check out Leslee’s cool flyer (attached) and all of those burgees she made)
(Hey, do me a favor folks. Do this YOUTH one if you can. Get the kids, grandkids, little bastards and tramps to the treasure hunt. And register from the next email I’m going to send you. If your kids can’t make it, maybe you can help out.  Let’s find out where the kids are so the kids will have more fun and those parents/Grands can get together and build the future of the club. And if you are reading this from and want to include Mutton and State Park, that would be cool. Ask me. Seriously. Dare ya!)
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