Hello LSYC friends and family! Chant along with me: “October, dear, sweet October, bring us some WIND!” I have a number of things for you this evening.

First of all, thank you all for your participation! This year is winding down and your involvement MATTERS. Thank you all, members new and old (well, not old, let’s just say seasoned!)
Here is what I ask you to think about:
  1. This Saturday, 10am at The Boat House, we are hosting a multi hull seminar, presented by the devilsly handsome Rex Bristow. This is very good information from one of the USA’s top sailors and worth your time. Please be sure to attend!
  2. Distance Race, October 14
  3. Gumbo Cup, the singlehanded race and party, thrown by Rick Cantrell October 21. I have copied and pasted his intent for the day here: Skippers meeting 830am race starts at 10 if possible course announced at meeting with wind being the big factor. Gumbo and Ham sandwiches at 6pm either at shark park or the patio behind old bar at ot restaurant if rainy. All participants encouraged to wear life jackets full time. Will not go out in a storm will just eat Gumbo if weather is bad! All of yacht club is invited to eat not just racers. Donation can will be present. Thanks Rick
  4. End of the year meeting, and Halloween Party, and Barry and Steph’s 90th birthday party, is the last Saturday of October. Meeting is at 5:00pm. Please attend. I will provide an update of where the club is, and would love to hear your nominations for board positions. We will also award the Fall Series Trophies. Here is who we have and who we need: Flip will be back as Cruising Commander, Eva will be the new Social Chair. We need a Race Chair! Want to be our web/ social media person? Membership person? Finance Person? Gov Cup chair? Curious about Commodore? Keep reading…..
  5. IMPORTANT- I am willing to bet that you are a person who loves the town of Stockton, and Stockton Lake. Please check out these two websites: http://tristatewater.org is a group that would like to take water from the lake, and it is worth your time to think about this. ALSO The Windy City (not the big shoulders one) is adding artwork, and I think it is really cool! neatstockton.com
  6. Cruiser’s Cup was won by Mr. Spurgeon and Roshambo. Way to hang in there on that windless day! You are very mighty!
Over and out from Wichita,
The Notorious B-arr-y, your kinda humble Commodore
(Board positions are for 2 years. If you volunteer, we will not ask you for more than that.)
(Speaking of, I have been Commodore for 2 years. I am willing to stay on for another year, if, and ONLY if: you still want me, AND we fill the committee positions listed above. Seriously.)