Saturday June 3, 2023

Shark Park (OT Covered Patio if inclement weather)

Food served 6 – 8 PM

Provided:  Shrimp, Corn on Cob, Potatoes, Texas Toast and Beer

Come as you are……  bring something to share, desserts, salads or sides,

BYOB if you want anything other than club cooler beer or water

The evening will be complete if you come out on the lake and enjoy the June full moon known as the STRAWBERRY MOON. Those who wish can wander about howling at the moon which will rise in the southeast sky at 10:40 PM or for the more sporty among us, the Moonlight Madness pursuit start regatta will have assigned starts at a little before and a little after 9:15PM. Your start time and the 5 mile course  directions will be posted at all of the usual places

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